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Free Adult Dating Websites Top Ranked Security Adult Dating Sites In017

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HOUSTON, Texas — Two current high profile disappearance cases have been linked together. Detectives say the victims were targeted via social websites ‘hookup sites. ‘

Soliman, 44, was lost for 11 days until his body was discovered under some debris from the 2800 block of Hirschfield. Nothing had been disturbed at his house in Spring and his vehicle was missing. Relatives stated Soliman was an accountable, routine-oriented person who’d never simply vanish.

Brandon Lyons, 18, was originally charged with unauthorized use of an automobile in the theft of Soliman’s vehicle. Eyewitness News has discovered telephone numbers place him around Soliman’s body was discovered. Court documents say Soliman had been beaten and choked.

Lyons has been charged with capital murder.

Deputy Michael Ritchie together with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated, "During the investigation of this case, in early April I had been made aware of another lost man by the title of An Nguyen. Through our analysis and through things that we discovered, we understood that these instances were likely linked. "

UH pupil Nguyen, 26, disappeared after leaving a friend’s house on March 31, saying he was heading home to finish a paper. He was never seen or heard from again, and never made it to your scheduled job interview.

Timeline of 2 recent Houston disappearances.

He explained his grandmother has cried every day since An went lost.

Based on court records, surveillance video reveals Jerrett Jamal Allen, Lyons’ cousin, forcing Nguyen’s Jeep and with his debit card to draw tens of thousands of dollars in money from an ATM. Allen, 26, has been charged with unlawfully using Nguyen’s bank cards.

"We could connect both Brandon Lyons and Jerrett Allen collectively," Ritchie explained. "They are cousins, and they were living together at the time that both men adult hookup disappeared. "

Researchers are actively searching for Allen.

Ever since then we neglect ‘t understand where he is," Ritchie explained.

Researchers believe that both victims in both such cases were lured from the suspects utilizing social networking.

"Both of these were Asian men. Both of these were possibly using social media chat sites," Ritchie explained. "Different sites, like sort of enjoy, chat sites, friend sites, hook up sites, items like this. "

"Also, the two of their vehicles were left in similar places, and. Other circumstances across the case had the very same characteristics," Ritchie continued.

The motives for the instances have never been determined.

"There are plenty of possibilities, robbery could possibly be one, but there are several different possibilities, and it’s still under investigation regarding why," Ritchie explained. "It’s potential, whether it’s a hate crime, or whether they’re being targeted at certain characteristics, it is possible. That’s still under investigation. "

Authorities are investigating have a peek here any other potential victims that could be tied to the instances.

Ritchie explained, "One reason we’re getting this conference is that there are other victims around, or possibly victims that did get off, that maybe could give us additional details. "

Authorities had a word of advice for social media users.

"One of the things I will warning to everyone using social media chat sites is understanding who you’re talking with," Ritchie explained. "If you’re going to meet somebody, having somebody else there, at a public location, not going to their house residence by yourself, and also, not inviting them to your house residence to invite them show them in which you live. "

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